Board of Directors

Elementia’s Board of Directors is made up of 9 regular members, of which more than 33% are independent. The current Directors were appointed by the shareholders of Elementia Materiales S.A.B. de C.V. (previously Elementia, S.A.B. de C.V) on April 25, 2019, and ratified on July 15, 2019, for a term of one year starting on their first day performing, with the possibility of being re-elected for successive one-year terms.

It is relevant to note that the Board composition depicted below will change after the Company’s listing. Hence, the Board of Directors is currently composed by:

Name Gender Position
Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena Male Chairman and Director
Francisco Javier del Valle Perochena Male Director
Gerardo Kuri Kaufmann Male Director
Alfonso Salem Slim Male Director
Antonio Gomez García Male Director
Juan Rodriguez Torres (1 y 3) Male Independent Director
Ernesto Moya Pedrola Male Independent Director
Tomas Espinosa Braniff Céspedes Male Independent Director
Juan Pablo del Rio Benítez (2) Male Secretary
Eduardo Gonzalez Arias (2) Male Alternate Secretary
(1) Independent Director of the Board.
(2) Non-member of the Board.
(3) Financial expert.